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Hello there, I am Rafeeqah Galant a filmmaker, writer, artist, traveller and business woman who creates in Cape Town, South Africa. This is my personal blog. Here I write down thoughts, ideas, opinions, rants and anything I think might be helpful to anyone else. In 2019 my aim is for consistency, so expect more short reads. Thanks for reading, I am going to leave the comments section open, please keep it clean. There is a contact me at the very bottom of the page. Please do not put my things on other websites without asking. Thanks!


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Stopping a Downward Cycle

The casual everyday stress of your daily grind can really wear you down. Today, I can feel that it really can physically affect you, your emotional and mental state directly correlates to our bodies ability Read more…

Social Tai Chi

In July I finally committed to starting more formal Tai Chi classes at Bosch X Studios in Rondebosch. It has been an interesting experience trying to decide who to aim classes to and where to Read more…