With Love & Light

Hi, I’m Rafeeqah Galant, a filmmaker working predominantly from Cape Town, South Africa. In 2020 I founded Fabled Digital, a content studio that focuses on supporting industries to share their stories and educate their communities. With over ten years experience in the business of writing, directing and producing I am now turning to focus on the more creative aspects of storytelling through filmmaking.

I am motivated to tell stories, explore ideas and develop projects in way that is intuitive and effective, create meaningful films that will impact on South African audiences and then travel to the world stage. It is crucial that we use our voices to  show all the complexities that exists in a post-colonial, post-modern Africa. We must take pride in our own stories and uplift the growing film community in South African and expand the African perspective across the globe.


My most recent thoughts and ideas.

A Lockdown update:

After a week in lockdown, I have some useful things to share with everyone. Firstly the Schedule & School: It has actually gone very well, the kids started “school” by doing school work during the Read more…

Stopping a Downward Cycle

The casual everyday stress of your daily grind can really wear you down. Today, I can feel that it really can physically affect you, your emotional and mental state directly correlates to our bodies ability Read more…