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A short post on something that’s been frustrating me: WhatsApp Groups, specifically large groups based on industry or interest which people are using for online networking. I see a lot of value in these groups and a lot of potential for groups like these to get people work and access where before it maybe wasn’t possible but please, let’s be professional! Here are some guiding principles..

WhatsApp Groups Etiquette:

  1. Don’t have mini private chats inside of a group – take it to the DM
  2. Don’t use a group as a personal notice board for your schedule, if every freelancer posted when they were available there would be no space for other messages
  3. Complain if you need to – especially if you need advise but then don’t “hoe dik” know when to stop
  4. If you don’t know when to stop – don’t start
  5. Don’t post things that aren’t relevant to at 80% of the group
  6. Don’t post motivational quotes ever.
  7. When posting jobs make sure you post all the details you can and a direct number/email for follow up.
  8. Don’t follow up in the group – take it to the DM
  9. If you are following up and DMing someone reply to the message in a direct message and introduce yourself with your name so that your not just a number

Let’s make WhatsApp great again 👊🏾


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