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Today I made a bold statement. I said it, with confidence and without doubt. It was an automatic reaction. Yet, I am not convinced it is true now that I think about it. I want it to be true. It should be true. But, it’s never been tested and although I think I could and I wish I would, I am not 100% sure that it is true. Yet I said it, confidently. So it stands to reason that I believe it can be true and that is an encouraging thought.

What does it take to go from 80% sure to 100% sure? I spoke with 100% surety yet in reality, its not definite. The speaking at 100% has given me the confidence to reach for 100%, I feel oddly inspired, it;s as if I’ve set myself a challenge. I need to get to 100% before anyone finds out that maybe I couldn’t do all I could claim.

This isn’t perhaps the best approach for all situations, especially not situations where over selling yourself is dangerous but as a means of motivation, it worth a try. Say you can do it – then make sure you can before anyone finds out it wasn’t necessarily true 🙂

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