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I struggling to do things, I struggle to start. For example – I have had this idea for a few days now, its probably worth less than 200 words but I thought its worth writing down because its coming into play in an app I’m designing and in my real life experience yet I had to reach my lowest point to write this. Hunger.

So now to the concept of CREATIVE COUPLING:

Creative coupling is what I call it when you struggle to start something because it doesn’t feel like it deserves all your focus. It might be a small thing, like writing a blog post, or a something that should take up a small amount of time, like – a daily 5 min meditation – yet because they importance, scale or purpose of these tasks are designed to be so small that they are achievable, choosing to do them seems… oddly fruitless.

A solution I propose is coupling these tasks to daily habits that already in place.

This lesson is clearly taught at my Kung Fu school SKISA, where from your first class you are taught to brush your teeth in Buddha sit every day. It has taken me 8 years of Kung Fu to realize the lesson was not that I needed to train hard for many hours but rather that I needed to train consistently everyday. The way to get to this consistency was through habit and the habit of brushing ur teeth can easily be done in a Buddha sit.

There is an abundance of literature on habits, doing them everyday, how they contribute to long term performance and hacks to get them to stick. I am interested in how getting them to stick can change your life. So the next time you are doing something you do everyday – taking the dog for a walk, driving to work, brushing your teeth, having a bath, etc. think of what habit you want to achieve that you could add to that time; daily push ups, affirmations, Buddha sits, mindful meditation, etc. Whatever it is – give yourself the space to do it by adding it to something else.

Now I can have dinner – next post about getting things done: Bargaining.


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