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We all have those times when the work we have to do is just boring. It’s part of the grind and the hustle but its the lame stuff that nobody wants to do. Eventually we have to get around to doing it or else we won’t get paid. So heres a way to get the boring shit done:


Have candy around to make urself feel better and to remind you that its not so bad, also – Candy.


make yourself a list of small achievable goals that you can cross out violently overtime you accomplish one. I like to keep this list very long and perfectly ridicuculous. For example:

  • switch on computer
  • open excel
  • open report with info
  • open email with instructions
  • enter ten data points

this way you are constantly crossing things off the list and feeling like you are moving forward. The trick is to make the list in a tight order that when u go down the list you will inevitably accomplish the boring task.


After working your way down a portion of the list allow yourself a small break – where you do a physical task. For example, after getting through a minimum of 4 but a maximum of 8 tasks on my list I do a physical task like washing the dishes or push ups. It is important that the task is physical and not a more fun piece of work. I find physical task get boring pretty quickly as well and thus allow you a chance to refocus on the other boring stuff you have to do.


Background music can help you focus. The trick is to make sure that it is music you know relatively well and do not have any sort of overtly emotional connection to. This way you won’t be concentrating on the music because you already know it and it wont distract you on an emotional level either. You will find the album or playlist will come to an end and you wont even notice because you forgot it was there in the first place. It is a good way to start.


Seriously just switch your wifi off and see how quickly you are motivated to finish your boring stuff so you can check social media again. I doubt anything that requires internet is boring – except for maybe email sending in which case you should write all the emails and then put the wifi on to send it.


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