With Love & Light

I am a fairly healthy, active 30 year old woman who really wants to have a full middle split. Now for those of us who have tried, the middle split seems impossible. Even though I have a fairly substantial front split, I have never been able to get my middle split, or Russian Split as it is known, flat. I believe this to be my own lack of discipline and lack of understanding. Now, in the year I turn 30, I am determined to master it. And I am going to record how I did it so others can have a guide as well.

It is important that we start with understanding how the body works. Muscles, hip flexor, glutes, IT Band, abductors, there are lots of areas to consider and I am going to dive deeper as I understand my own body and its limitations. For now this diagram I think explains the pelvic region nicely and I know that I have an issue that sits deep in my hip in an area which feels impossible to stretch. I know also that it lingers way after the exercise, which has till now been part of the reason why I have avoid working on this stretch. But no more! I’m officially leaving my roaring twenties behind me, its now or never for this split I feel. SO I am determined to become a MiddleSplitGoddess.