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So I took a little break because I ran a 15km for the first time (1:42, not bad) and after that I’ve needed a few days to recover. During that time I used my roller, even though it hurt like hell fire, and continued with the usual yoga based stretches I do daily. 

Today though I decided to get back into more interesting stretches for my middle split. I started with a few sun salutations to loosen up, push ups to get the bloom going and leg stretches. Then I took the yoga mat right up against the wall and with great difficultly positioned myself so I was legs up against the wall with butt right up against the wall as well. From here I let me feet get pulled to the ground and my leg split. Wowser what a great stretch. I stayed here for 10min which was as long as I could with the burn happening in my hips.

This is a great low impact way of stretching your legs, with your back firmly against the floor, all the focus is on the areas that need to work. And because of the low impact you can hold the position for longer and get a deeper stretch with longer stretching times. I’m definitely going back to this, I will try to expand the time I can stay in the position and keep moving my feet towards the ground.

I ended the session with a long sit in pigeon pose on each side. My legs needed coaxing out of the position on the wall, it took about 2 min to release slowly and without causing any injury. Pigeon pose was a reset to ease out the muscles and my hips which suffered the most.  Keep stretching! 

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